Our History

Global Hands of Healing began in 1998 when a group of individuals who wanted to make a difference in the world met at a Methodist Church in Hurst, Texas. The organization’s first mission trip was in 1999.  Many mission trips later, our volunteers and healthcare professionals have provided over $3 million in healthcare services to impoverished villages and cities throughout Mexico and Central America.

Doctors, nurses, translators and numerous other volunteers have cared for new born babies and even some 90+ year olds, whom have never been treated by a physician or dentist.   Through their effort, many lives have been changed because of the Global Hands of Healing volunteers.

The value of such experiences is not felt exclusively by those receiving these services but also by the volunteers who often return from such clinical experiences as changed people. Frequently, team members say they will “never see the world in the same way again.”

Our Mission

Global Hands of Healing is committed to bringing health care to people in need around the globe. Volunteers and health care professionals travel hundreds of miles to provide care to people in impoverished cities and remote villages.

Global Hands of Healing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all contributions to the organization are tax-deductible. Third party information regarding nonprofit organizations including copies of their IRS 990 forms, is available at www.guidestar.com.

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